Sandhills Community College Assumes Lead in NC Great Teachers Seminar

NCGTS_OBX2As of June 2016, Sandhills Community College will assume the leadership role in hosting & coordinating the NCGTS.   The new NCGTS coordinator is Pete Golden – Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.  He can be reached by email or by phone at +1.910.695.3959.

Started in NC in 1993 by Blue Ridge CC in Flat Rock, NC, the Seminar has been hosted by institutions who believe in the need for a simplistic form of professional learning for teaching faculty.  As with all seminars within the National Great Teachers Movement, no person or institution actually “owns” a seminar.  There are designated state, provincial, and/or national seminars but many other seminars & retreats are conducted independently and autonomously from each other.  No one owns the process so everyone does.

1PS, LLC  has hosted the seminar for almost 4 years.  When no institution was the host due to the retirement of Kay Crouch from CCC&TI in 2013, 1PS “privatized” the running of the seminar in order to keep it going.  Blue Ridge CC was the first host, followed by Richmond CC, Caldwell CC & TI, then 1PS, and now Sandhills CC.  SCC was in a position to assume those duties institutionally in a way that would maximize the continuance of the seminar for years to come.

The NGTM is rooted in oral tradition and its leadership is evident in those people who believe in and have the ability to keep it alive and well.  While other NC community colleges were approached to support it institutionally, Sandhills was clearly the most willing & best suited to host it.  Colleges that assume this role have always been institutional hosts due to faculty who have been involved in the NGTM that are employed by that institution.  Sandhills has an enthusiastic team of faculty and administrators that are committed to continuing NC Great Teachers!

Registration is open for the 24th Annual NCGTS.  More information can be found at .  

The North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar is run as a self supported event and is not subsidized or financially supported by any organization, vendor, or educational institution aside from registration fees.